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Business English

Our approach combines general Business English and job-specific training. Together, we walk through the tasks and responsibilities of daily business and projects until our clients feel comfortable representing their firm in English.

Need to get certified? We offer structured A1-C1 Level or Business English courses, with the option of level test preparation.

We also offer crash courses for special purposes, such as relocations.


Conversation courses help you learn everyday English and are a great way to keep your existing skills sharp. Work closely with a native speaker in a comfortable learning environment to achieve your goals.

Translation & Localization

Nothing lost in translation.

BLS provides premium, cost-effective translation and localization services within the German-English language pair. Work directly with experienced, dedicated translators to ensure an accurate translation in a timely fashion.

Why BLS?

Experience. As a business owner and a language learner you have many challenges ahead. We get that. Our methodology has been refined through many years of practical experience.

Using tools like training, translation and interpretation, we build bridges between cultures that you will feel confident crossing.

10+ Years Experience

Native Speakers

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